Sham's personality makes the class. She teaches you basic cheer motions so by the end of the class you are doing a cheer routine. You are having so much FUN that you forget that you are actually working out.  It takes you back to your cheering days, how much FUN it was on the sidelines.  You forget how doing all those dances on the sideline kept us in shape.  It is a great combination of cardio and strength training. 

- Cheryl S Age 46, Collegiate Cheerleader '88-93 Chattanooga, TN

It looks really simple, but with the weighted pom poms, you can feel it right away! But it's so much FUN that you don't really think about it being a workout.

Brooke P, 24 Austin, TX

The class was so much FUN! If you have them during the week in addition to weekends, Please let me know! I would love to do this class several times a week!! Great Class! Love it!

- Virginia B  44, Dallas, TX

PoundPoms are great for changing up your exercise routine by actually having FUN working out. I love the throwback to my cheer days, the extra weight in the poms is a big bonus! 

- Kelsey S, 23 High School Cheerleader '09-11, Prescott Valley, AZ

Yay! I've finally attended my first CheerKamp! Watch out Dallas Cowboys, here I come! So much FUN working out with Sherry the creator of PoundPOMS! She Is A perfect example of my FAVORITE Tag line:

Dream! Believe!! Achieve!!! AND Train hard...have FUN!

-Deb A, 50 Sandy, UT


 As a former collegiate cheerleader turned stay at home mom I needed exactly this kind of workout to get me back into the groove of sticking with a program. If it's not fun and challenging, I find it hard to come back and make my exercise a priority. Sherry is a fun, upbeat motivator. Just show up and she will show you the way back to CheerKamp!

Emily F Age 42, Collegiate Cheerleader '94-98 Roswell, GA

  I can believe how these, after like 40 minutes 20 minutes… whatever it is, these are feeling heavy! I mean, you're going and you're already doing these cardio moves but at the same time you have these weights and it's just FUN!! So definitely a cool workout to check out. Great upper body workout perfect for the summer, especially when you want to wear those sleeveless dresses and bikinis!   Tania Ortega & Amanda Salinas Fox 7, Good Day Austin   

I'm 72 years of age and teach a Senior's Exercise dance class. I always get compliments on how tone my arms are and I just tell everyone, it's because of PoundPoms! I use them while teaching my class and pass them around to others who quickly can see a difference in how they can increase the workout plus, they are just all around fun to have!

Yvonne, Age 72, Shelbyville, TN



1. Q. How much do PoundPoms weight? And is this workout just for cheerleaders?

A. PoundPoms are 1.2 pounds each and we are first and foremost a FITNESS company; our workout is for ANYONE who wants a fun way to get fit!   

2. Q. Do they come in different colors? 

A. Our most popular color sets are our Signature power colors: Pink, Yellow & Orange or  as we like to call them Power Pink Lemonade Tangerine. *custom  team colors are available for an additional fee.   

3. Q. Why these colors? Is their meaning behind them? 

A. Yes. There is meaning behind the colors. These colors represent energy, happiness & joy.   (to learn more on the meaning behind the colors go to About Us-Sherry ShamRock)

4. Q. Can we purchase a group of PoundPoms in our favorite team colors?   

A. We can customize PoundPoms in your favorite team colors with orders of 25 sets or more. Your customized PoundPoms may require additional production time due to our recent launch and the high demand we have processing our signature single sets. *Email Us for details: shamrock@poundpos.com  

5. Q. Are PoundPoms safe for children to use? 

A. PoundPoms are as safe as 1lb weights and pom poms. We recommend you use the same precautions as you would with those products.   

6. Q. What age range is recommended? 

A. PoundPoms have been approved as a safe product for ages 8-80 and above through the Fitness Institute of Texas at The University of Texas as long as they are used in the recommended format outlined by FIT 2 CHEER, LLC.    

7.  Q. My cheer squad needs to get in shape, can they do it with PoundPoms & the CheerKamp workout? 

A. Absolutely! I also recommend getting on our email list so you may be informed when CUTzKamp™ is released! It is a sport specific cheer conditioning program designed for those who want to become cheerleaders and those who are cheerleaders!   

8. Q. Do PoundPoms come in heavier weights? 

A. In accordance to regulations outlined by The American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness),  
“Handheld or wrist weights (between ½ and 2 pounds) are recommended only for participants who are fit enough to maintain controlled movements and to avoid hyperextension of the joints.” In addition, “weights can increase heart rate by 5 – 10 beats per minute and oxygen consumption (as well as caloric expenditure) by about 5% – 15% compared to performing the same activity without weights. Weights greater than 3 pounds (1350g) are not generally recommended because they may put undue stress on the arm and shoulder muscles.  In conclusion, moving at 120 BPM (Beats Per Minute) with more than 1-3lb weights in your hands can be detrimental to the joints.  With safety being our top focus in health & wellness, we currently only offer them in one weight size. With the possibility of other programs in our pipeline, the option to make them weigh more may be considered for the proper program.    

9. Q. Where can I find the workout videos? 

A. Intro to CheerKamp® is included with your purchase of PoundPoms®. We will soon offer through a subscription based program, other CheerKamp® formats to suit your favorite music genre including: HiP HoP CheerKamp®, Kuntry CheerKamp®, 80’s ROCK CheerKamp® and Cha-Cha CheerKamp®      

10. Q.  What professionals certifications do you hold and how can I become a F2C Instructor?

A.  In 1996 I became an AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. I am also an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Group Fitness Instructor. Both certifications are current. I have also been a Continuing Education Provider for both AFAA & ACE & am an Adjunct Instructor in the  Department of Health & Human Performance for Texas State University 

Please email shamrock@poundpoms.com if  are interested in becoming a F2C Instructor

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