Sherry ShamRock


It's More Than Just STANDING on the SIDELINES

The one thing I've learned in the last 10 years is in the tick of the clock, your whole life can change.

Monday-October 15, 2007

 While having dinner with my neighbor Sandy, she asked how my weekend was. I explained to her how disappointed I was in myself for having not gone back to my college homecoming over the weekend. My phone rang all Saturday night with friends from college wondering why I had not returned. I had not been back for many years and always enjoyed going back because, as an alumni cheerleader, I get to reminisce of my days of youth and am invited to return and cheer for our homecoming games. I told her she would be laughing at me right now because I would be walking around like a zombie sore from head to foot having done an activity this old body has long since forgotten. I instantly start rubbing the back of my arms recalling how sore my triceps would always be following a weekend of "Go Mocs Go!" I playfully mimic the cheer motions for that chant and realize the "Go Mocs Go" motion is actually an overhead tricep extension… No wonder I was always so sore! I start considering other cheer motions that are identical to weight training movements and I discover the motion for "touchdown" is an overhead press, alternating bicep curls are cheer dance moves and lunges are part of both cheerleading and fitness! This would be a great new exercise program and cheer workout. I recall attending summer cheer camp and how we were required to perform dance routines, learn cheer chants and retain everything by repeating them over and over again! The repetitive cheer motions were identical to the weight training movements I would teach in body sculpting class. That's when it hit me how much fun it would be to create a new dance fitness class based on cheerleading!! And, since cheer motions are weight training movements, I wanted to find a way to capitalize on using weights in the class but to also allow the participants to truly feel like cheerleaders.  I envisioned what fitness people hold and what cheerleaders hold and thought it would be the perfect combination. That's when the idea of weighted pom poms came to mind. In that moment, I founded my company FIT 2 CHEER, created CheerKamp®  our dance fitness class and invented PoundPoms® weighted cheerleading pom poms! I also chose the colors that represent joy, happiness and FUN!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11 days before launching, I develop a nasty cold, I'm weak, can't complete a jump or the workout. I decide to go to the doctor to get something to knock this cold out and get me some energy! Imagine my surprise I not only got something to knock out the cold and get more energy, I discovered my lack of energy was due to being knocked up! WOW and the joy of this was I had been told 6 months prior, that my chances of getting pregnant were very low due to uterine fibroids and my age of 42. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 days before introducing my PoundPoms and CheerKamp dance fitness workout in San Francisco. I go in for a special ultrasound on a 40 inch monitor. I get to see the baby, my unexpected miracle, up close and personal! I am 11 weeks and 6 days! All is well, the photo is printed and handed to me. They proceed to check the fibroid...then in the midst of discussing my trip I am interrupted by the attendant. I hear words you never want to hear, "Oh no, oh no...we just lost the heartbeat."


Friday, March 27, 2009-FIRST SURGERY

Friday, June 2009- SECOND SURGERY

Friday, September 25, 2009-THIRD SURGERY

Sunday, October 12, 2009 - Slipped disc can't walk

NEVER GIVE UP...The Reason Behind the Colors



  • Yellow is the color of sunshine. Associated with joy, happiness, and energy. 
  • Orange combines yellow's happiness and red's energy . Associated with enthusiasm and determination. 
  • Pink combines red's energy & white's positivity. Associated with universal love of yourself and others!

"Internal Health/External Beauty"

It was keeping this attitude day in a day out that got me through. I had to cheer myself on to better health, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Internal Health=External Beauty this is my mantra and these became my cheer colors. 


Now you know MY FIT 2 CHEER Story, what's yours?