PoundPoms 4 Recovery

Andrea Leonard


 Andrea is a 32 year cancer survivor, has her B.A. from the University of Maryland, and is certified as a personal trainer by The American College of Sports Medicine, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, The American Council on Exercise. She is an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Special Populations Expert through The Cooper Institute. Andrea is a pioneer in the area of cancer and exercise, publishing her first book, “Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors,” in 2000. She has since penned ten additions of the “Cancer Exercise Specialist Handbook,” “Breast Cancer Recovery with the BOSU(R) Balance Traner,” and “The Breast Cancer Recovery with the BOSU(R) Balance Trainer Handbook.” She has been featured in the media as THE expert on cancer and exercise. Andrea is an international speaker on the subject of cancer and exercise, a continuing education provider for The National Academy of Sports Medicine and The American Council on Exercise. Andrea has supported fitness and health her entire life and is a BOSU(R) Master Trainer and a member of the Hedstrom Fitness/BOSU(R) development team.  

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  “PoundPoms® 4 Recovery”, is the brainchild created through the collaboration of Andrea Leonard, President of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute & cancer survivor, and Sherry ShamRock, founder of FIT 2 CHEER & inventor of PoundPoms (weighted cheerleading pom poms!) We offer Certifications for Exercise Professionals who want to make a difference in supporting our cancer survivors, with our motivating Exercise Program for our Survivors! The inspiration was impelled when Natasha Madison a breast cancer survivor and friend of Shamrock’s, contacted her with a desire for Sherry to write an exercise prescription to help Natasha stave off the debilitating conditions resulting from her succumbing to Lymphedema, a chronic ailment that 100% of breast cancer survivors are susceptible to and up to 50% acquire. As a nationally certified personal trainer for 20 years, Sherry was familiar with Lymphedema, but was admittedly no expert. Her research with her sister, who is a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) and another friend Emily A. Smith-Francis, the co-author of “A Leg Up on Lymphedema,” advised her on the basics however it was meeting someone familiar with the world renowned  authority on cancer exercise, CETi that prompted her to contact Andrea. A meeting of minds was quickly attained by the two and the idea of collaboration was the result.  We know in order for our survivors to truly become Thrivers, we must get them out of the medical mindset of their cancer and move them more towards a motivational mindset of recovery. “PoundPoms® 4 Recovery” has become that program.   

Sherry ShamRock


 Sherry "Shamrock" Leetham, is the Founder of FIT 2 CHEER, Inventor of PoundPoms® & the Creator of the FIT 2 CHEER Workout, Conditioning & Self-Esteem Series. An AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and an AFAA/ACE Continuing Education Provider, she received her B.S. in Pre-Law & her LCSW (Licensed Certified Social Worker) from the University of Tennessee school systems. Prior to being a collegiate cheerleader for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, she was a collegiate football trainer. Understanding that proper conditioning leads to excelling in an activity, she knows her programs will benefit the fitness enthusiast.the competitive cheerleader and cancer survivor!  She’s been a professional in the world of mental health & physical fitness for over 20 years and now combines her education and expertise into a fun and unique perspective to get you healthy! Learn more about Sherry's programs at: http://www.fit2cheer.com/