CheerKamp w/PoundPoms



K  is for Kinetics

(This program has been approved as a safe program through the Fitness Institute of Texas at the University of Texas.)

During our Group Exercise class, CheerKamp®, our Licensed FIT 2 CHEER Instructors will take you through high energy & fun filled cheer dance routines. The variety of formats is endless including hip-hop, cha cha, country, 80's ROCK and of course traditional cheer dances! PoundPoms® are held during various times as directed by your F2C Instructor. When held during dance or general movement routines, you can increase your endurance 5-15% and according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE),“Having 1-3 lb weights can be beneficial to aerobic conditioning by increasing caloric expenditure and heartbeat by 5-10 beats per minute.”Adding PoundPoms® to your workout, will burn calories, increase energy & endurance, tone your body and burn fat but more importantly they will let you HAVE FUN! 



Unlike other pom poms, PoundPoms patent pending design makes them  weighted!! Recognized by their unique colors, when you hold them you will show the world and let everyone know that YOU Do It Weighted!


Want to be a FIT 2 CHEER Instructor?

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